I Need Help

“I need help.”

Your voice is strong in the empty room. You turn toward the doors and move to open one, but a hand wraps around your wrist.

“Wait.” The voice, like the hand, is warm . . . kind . . .

You spin as the hand tugs and you catch a glimpse of a face—just a glimpse—before you wake up in your bed. You’re energized. It’s the first night you’ve ever escaped the Underworld without dying. But how?

And who was down there with you?

What will you do tomorrow night?

Explore the mysteries of the Underworld. Start reading Dreamless by Josephine Angelini.

12 thoughts on “I Need Help

    • Hey A.L.-

      You’re not quite there! Find the post where the mystery boy is named and you’ll be added to the winner’s list.

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