I Need Help

“I need help!”

Your voice is swallowed by the deafening silence of the Underworld. There isn’t even an echo. You begin to sweat, and your fingers start to slip.

A hand locks around your wrist. You feel yourself being pulled upward and you get a glimpse of light brown curls before you’re yanked—right out of the Underworld and into consciousness in your room.

You’re not injured. You didn’t die. In fact, it’s the first time you’ve ever left the Underworld without being killed. And it’s the first time you’ve met anyone while you were there. Something’s changed. For the first time, you can’t wait to descend tomorrow night.

What will you do then?

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2 thoughts on “I Need Help

  1. I am finding this soooo very hard. It’s almost practically impossible haha. Loved this though! Must keep trying

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