I Need Help!

“I need help!”

The call is sucked away by the deafening silence of the Underworld. It doesn’t even leave an echo. Your arms are shaking above your head and the murk is pulling at your chin. As it closes over your lips, you hear a voice call your name.

“Grab my hand.”

You can’t turn to see who it is, but you reach up with all of your might. The movement makes you sink more quickly, but then a hand is on your wrist. Then two hands. Then you’re being pulled out of the mud. You’re pulled from the mire and then–

–you wake up in your own bed. It’s the first time you’ve ever escaped the Underworld without dying. It’s definitely the first time you’ve seen anyone else in the Underworld with you. Is that even possible? It must be. But who is it?

For the first time, you can’t wait to descend tomorrow.

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