I Need Help!

The call has no echo; your voice is sucked away by the Underworld. You close your eyes, ready to shed useless tears.

“Here! Take my hand!” A voice. The only person you’ve ever heard in the Underworld. You twist and feel a hand grab your wrist. A man is standing on the bank, golden-haired and strong. He pulls firmly on your arms and, for the first time, you feel yourself being pulled free of the pit. You collapse on the bank, your muscles weak and your head swimming. He drags you clear of the mire and lets go of your arm.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Orion.”

“How did you get here? Are you a Scion? Are you a Descender?”

As you push yourself up from the ground, with a rush you find yourself pushing up from your mattress. Your legs are still weak, but for once you’ve escaped the Underworld without dying.

For the first time, you’re excited to descend tomorrow.

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107 thoughts on “I Need Help!

  1. that was easy! i got it the first time. if only if i understood what was happening…i should really read the book…

  2. He’s called Orion, he pulls her from the quicksand! Yes! *pumps fist* wow, very good game! I love that it gives a bit of what you can expect in the book without giving away much of the actual plot!

  3. Awesome game! 🙂 Orion, huh? Now then…how did he get there?

    Wow, must have taken a lot of work to create this! Nice job.

  4. I wonder what his name is… guessing Orion xD I kind of want to read the book now 🙂 bdw, what was the use of this game?

  5. His name is Orion. It took me long enough!! Now I noticed that it took me so long, I’m like the 40th person to comment..

  6. Ha ha, Orion is his name. As everyone else said. This is a pretty good idea, I never thought to glance at this book ’till now. I was bothered by the fact that most of the books hosted here have girls with dresses on the cover, and so gave up looking at them. But now I just might read this, as long as she’s not just another damsel In distress.

  7. his name is Orion! Never been that determined to figure out something like this haha. took me forever. finally!!

  8. His name is Orion – my favorite constellation, and one of my favorite myths, although things don’t really work out for him in the end…. 😀

  9. Orion! Although I question why the name of a Norse god is being used, even if he was also in Greek mythology.

  10. I got it! Orion!

    Of course, I’m just finding this out five and a half years after it was posted… (:

    Awesome game! Loved it!

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