Open the Trapdoor

Credit: Ezioman

You drop into a small dirt room, small enough to touch all the walls from where you stand. There’s a little door in the corner of the room, which you manage to pry open with your fingernails. The hallway it leads to is incredibly narrow; you’ll have to crawl. You’re already tired and thirsty, and your knees are soon scraped bloody by the rough ground. Your shoulders are numb from bumping against the narrow walls. The hallway is long and dim; you can’t see an end to it. You’re dizzy and your vision is starting to blur. You won’t last much longer without water.

The hallway widens into a small room. You use the last of your strength to pull yourself up the small ladder and through a trapdoor. You let the door close behind you and—

You’re back in the same room.

What do you do?

Enter the ivory door.
Enter the gray door.
Call for help.

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