Wash Your Face

Credit: Mark Roy

Your eyes sink shut, then immediately snap back open. It looks different here every night, but it’s always the same place. Hades. Hell. The Underworld. It’s a place that—legend has it—houses the dead, but you’ve never seen anyone else down there. That’s one of the worst parts. How alone you are.

Before you can even see anything, you know exactly where you are. The sucking black slime of the pit feels like nothing you’ve ever experienced on earth. It seeps through your clothing and chills your skin.  You’re only up to your knees now, but it’s going to get worse. You will sink, slowly, until you choke on the muck and wake up in your bed. Inevitable.

What do you do?

Try to wade out to the surface.
Stay very still.
Call for help.

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