Keep going upstream

You walk upstream. You keep hearing branches and leaves crunch behind you. You’re starting to feel paranoid, spinning at every sound. But your instincts are backing you up—your heart is pounding and adrenaline is rushing through your veins, prepping you for a fight. You hear it—definite footsteps—but when you spin around, no one is there.

“C’mon. Who are you?” You see no one. But someone is there. You’re certain.

Your head starts pounding, filling with pressure and heat. Oh, god. The heat. It burns, scalding your skull and boiling your blood. You hear screams, faintly, but it’s hard to concentrate over the sound of your blood throbbing in your veins.

The footsteps are undeniable, rushing toward you. You can’t pull away from the pain to even move. A needle slips into your neck and the pain suddenly, blessedly stops. Dazed, you notice the screams have stopped too.

A boy all in black is standing over you, watching. He’s knocked you out, but he’s stopped the pain.

“Thank you,” you whisper. He looks confused, but he nods, reaches down, and picks you up.

You manage to ask where you’re going before passing out completely.

“Home,” he says.


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