Ask him if he needs help

“Hey!” You call. He looks up. “Do you need help?”

His hood obscures his face, but you think you can see a sheepish smile.

“I tried to climb down the incline,” he gestures up, “but I slipped and—“ he indicates to his ankle.

“Maybe I can help?” Psht. You might be a freaking orthopedic surgeon for all you know. You walk over to him. Suddenly, and with a grace that belies a twisted ankle, the boy stands up and slips his arm around you. At first you think he’s hugging you, but then there’s a pinch. A needle.

You collapse into his arms as you slink toward unconsciousness. He whispers in your ear, trying to calm you down.

You do not feel better.

“Shh,” he says as the world grows dark, “I can help.”


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