You lunge, and the girl is pinned to the ground before she can exhale. You reach into her pocket, and she whimpers.

Mace. You scoff without thinking about it. And you know—you just know—you’ve been maced before—and worse.

The pressure behind your eyes grows unbearable and the smell of roses is heavy in the air. There’s a heat in your forehead . . . a burning . . .

You roll off the girl and clutch your head. She stays on the ground, whimpering. Her eyes are wide and she’s sweating, shaking in fear.

Someone grabs your shoulder and says your name.

Your name. You know your name.

“C’mon. Pull it together. You haven’t had your shot, you’re going to burn o—” Too late. The world goes dark as unconsciousness grabs you.


Did you find what you needed? Try again. When Miranda wakes up without her memory, she has to make the same decisions you did. Will she choose as wisely as you? Unravel the mystery of Miranda’s past. Start reading False Memory on Figment!

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