Photo by Yusuke Shinyama

The cars are moving quickly, packed tightly together. The park was in the middle of a large city. New York? Seattle? You realize that your memory can’t be completely gone, because you remember the names of these large cities.

You look at the ads on the top of the yellow cabs. English. And the cabs are on the right side of the road. The U.S., or Canada, maybe? What’s the date? As you approach the street, you see a stack of free newspapers. You pick one up. August, 2012. You don’t know if that should shock you or not.

You stop on the sidewalk and look up and down the street. To your left, the buildings get taller and sleeker—a business district, perhaps? To your right, it looks like a more populated area—lots of shops, restaurants, and people. Which way do you go, left or right?

1. Left.

2. Right.


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