You pull, duck, and yank. She catapults over your shoulder. Three burly security men step forward. You launch yourself off a counter, over a display, and slide under the arms of a guard. You pause for a moment outside the door, deciding which way to go. A boy in black is standing to the left of you. He shouts your name and gestures for you to follow him.

You catch up with him quickly, following him as he weaves through the crowd.

“Where are we going?”

He responds by jabbing a syringe into your neck. You slap his hand away too slowly.

“What was that for?”

“Memory shot. I’ll explain later.”

With your heart pounding in your throat, you follow the boy through the city streets, chasing the only clue to your past you’ve found.


Did you find what you needed? Try again. When Miranda wakes up without her memory, she has to make the same decisions you did. Will she choose as wisely as you? Unravel the mystery of Miranda’s past. Start reading False Memory on Figment!


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