You start with the costume jewelry, walking among the overpriced baubles and looking at yourself in the mirror, trying to recognize the face that you see reflected. As you move among the locked cases of the more expensive jewelry, you notice security guards watching you closely.

You lean too closely to a large, diamond studded necklace, and you feel a heavy hand on your shoulder.

“Hey, you can’t—” with a grunt, the large man drops to the ground. Behind him is a boy in a black hoodie. His hand drops from the man’s thick neck. He knocked the security guard out.

You turn to run, but the boy’s hand grazes your neck and you feel the pinch of a needle. As you drop, you see the boy lean to catch your body, but you’re out cold before you feel his arms or the floor.


Did you find what you needed? Try again. When Miranda wakes up without her memory, she has to make the same decisions you did. Will she choose as wisely as you? Unravel the mystery of Miranda’s past. Start reading False Memory on Figment!

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