Leave the coffee shop

As you walk into the street, you notice that the boy in black has stopped looking at the device in his hand. He looks up at you. He waves a hand in greeting and gestures for you to come over. You turn to walk away and notice he starts to run after you.

You start running, and you’re fast. You’re moving like everything else is in slow motion. You turn onto a side street and leap to grab a fire escape. As your hand grazes the metal railing, you feel a pinch in your neck. The boy has injected you with a sedative. Your body drops to the ground, but the boy catches you. He lays you on the ground. The moment before he sets you down, he says your name.

You remember your name.


Did you find what you needed? Try again. When Miranda wakes up without her memory, she has to make the same decisions you did. Will she choose as wisely as you? Unravel the mystery of Miranda’s past. Start reading False Memory on Figment!

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