Play dumb

“Wooh!” One of the hikers throws both hands up in the air. “That was insane!”

You shrug. “I dunno . . . I just, like, tripped.”

The hikers gape. “That was not tripping. That was some Circus du Soleil nonsense!”

The boy vaults over the fence, but instead of jumping, he turns to face the rock and drops, rock by rock, rappelling without rope. At the final bit, he pushes into a back flip. He walks over to you and throws an arm over your shoulder.

“We’re in training together.” You feel a sting in your neck and see the flash of a needle. Sedative. Your knees buckle.

“Woah!” The boy chuckles good-naturedly and scoops you into his arms. “Looks like you didn’t quite stick the landing.”

Please. You can’t speak, but you hope the hikers will be suspicious. They laugh and shout back, “Maybe don’t run away to the circus quite yet!”

“Wouldn’t dream of it!” The boy smiles, waves, and turns away. As you slip into unconsciousness, you hear him say,

“Running away never ends well.”


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