You bolt. The boy mutters a curse and you hear him take off after you. You’re fast, but the boy is gaining ground. A heat blooms behind your eyes, painful and hard. You stumble into a wall, spinning off, but the hit to your hip throws off your gait and the boy tackles you to the ground. The pressure in your head increases and the smell of roses fills the air.

The boy smiles. “That doesn’t work on me.” He pulls back his hoodie and his dark sunglasses, revealing a dark black band around his forehead.

He pulls out a syringe, quick as a whip, and plunges it into your neck, just under your jaw. As you drift asleep, you hear him mutter—

“And here we go again.”


Did you find what you needed? Try again. When Miranda wakes up without her memory, she has to make the same decisions you did. Will she choose as wisely as you? Unravel the mystery of Miranda’s past. Start reading False Memory on Figment!

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