Show her the money

Photo by Xavier Snelgrove

You pull out a bundle of crisp bills. You count them quickly and the saleswoman tracks your every move. In your pocket is one thousand dollars in cash. The saleswoman’s smile unwinds and she places a hand behind your back.

“Let’s get you up to our personal shopping area. Someone can peruse the store for you and bring you suitable styles for your approval.”

The skin underneath her hand tingles and you feel on edge. You suddenly know, without a doubt, that if you grabbed her elbow, twisted under her arm, and pulled, you could flip this woman on her back. You know where every security camera is and in seconds you’ve figured out the moves you could make that would allow you to be seen by the fewest cameras for the least amount of time.

Do you let her lead you or do you flee?

1. Let her lead you

2. Flee!

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