Photo by Petr Kratochvil

You order a turkey sandwich and a small tea. You watch the flood of people, picking out characters. A woman who is dressed to perfection, who keeps fussing with her make-up and looking around. Meeting a date? A boy dancing to imaginary music as he hands out flyers. An aspiring actor? The boy in black whose eyes are nervously darting down to the electronic device in his hand and up to scan the crowds. A tech-junkie whose slow load time makes him antsy?

Time passes quickly and you’re aware that you might be expected somewhere. Do you have a job? A family?

The waiter slips the check onto your table and you panic. Do you have money? You push your hands into your pockets and one comes up full: a thousand dollars. Cash.

You pull out a bill and tuck it into the check. You leave. The waiter shouts after you. What do you do?

1. Go back to the waiter.

2. Leave the coffee shop.

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