Follow Him

Immortal Rules by Julie KagawaYou turn to run after him, but he’s too fast and too silent. It’s impossible. You’ve wasted too much time—if you continue in your quest to find food now, you’ll be caught outside the Wall when the sun sets, and that’s not a good place to be. Besides, if vampires are starting to descend into the tunnels, you have to warn your friends. And a Mole Man! They’re never going to believe you.

You emerge from the tunnels, hungry and without food, but safe. To top off this red-letter day, wouldn’t you know it? Some scrawny punk Unregistereds from a rival group. You hold up your empty hands and plaster a smile on your face.

“I’ve got nothing for you, fellas. You know how it is. Some days you strike out.”
The tallest kid looks quickly around. “Empty your pack.”
Your smile doesn’t budge. “Like I said. Some days you strike out.”
“Empty. The pack.” He pulls out a shard of glass wrapped in a rag.

This just isn’t your day.

1. Empty the pack.
2. Fight.

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