Go Back Out into the Wild

Immortal Rules by Julie KagawaYou start running. You’re not going to risk getting caught and turned over to the vamps. You’d rather face a swarm of rabids, thanks muchly.

You aim for the tunnels. As you bolt, you see out of the corner of your eye—

—three once-human rabids, running flat-out for you. You put on more speed. You’ll have to lose them in the tunnels. It’s your only chance. You keep running.

They’re gaining.

You’re still at least a hundred feet from the tunnels when the first rabid snatches your shirt, hauling you back and smacking you to the ground. The others are quickly on you, and you feel their teeth sinking into your arm. You can’t help it. You release a bloodcurdling scream. Your vision is fading, but thankfully you can’t feel the rabids’ attack anymore.

In fact, it feels like you’re being carried, lifted up away from the ground . . .

You wake up in an unfamiliar room with only one door. You open it slowly and then slam it shut.

In the next room is a vampire. You have to leave this room and that’s the only way. You open the door again, and this time he turns to look at you.

“Hey,” he says, “How are you feeling?”

You’re shocked into replying, “Fine. For a moment out there, I thought I died.”

His brow furrows. “You did.”

You raise a hand to your mouth. Your gums are sore, like you bit a rock—no. They’re sore like they were when you were 10, when your teeth were growing too quickly for the rest of you. Your gums are sore like there are more teeth pushing to escape.

Your gums are sore because you have fangs.

Your gums are sore because you are a vampire.

Try again?

This story was inspired by the world of Julie Kagawa’s new novel The Immortal Rules. What path will Allison Sekemoto, an Unregistered who loathes vampires, choose when she becomes a vamp herself? Start reading The Immortal Rules for a limited time on Figment to find out!

One thought on “Go Back Out into the Wild

  1. This was my first try, and I didn’t die… so does that mean I win? I don’t know whether that would be considered a sound victory, though…

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