L.J. Smith sinks her fangs into five Figs

Good afternoon bloodthirsty Figpires! Author of The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle, L.J. Smith, selected five of your stories for her Author-Picked Figs! Here they are:

Beast by Amelia T.

Abnormal by Becky Hill.

Summer Meadows by Aly Levvaseur.

Through Footprints by Jane Zhao.

Bliss by Zoey Isabella Shenck.

L. J. Smith (the initials stand for Lisa Jane) is the author of a number best-selling books and series, and her writing has been translated into over thirty-five languages. She lives in the Bay Area of northern California, USA, but she gets her best ideas watching deer in the backyard of a small cabin in Inverness or walking on the rocky beaches that surround that area. She enjoys movies and music, and often listens to her favorite songs as she writes. She loves to hear from readers at info@ljanesmith.net, and to hold book-related contests on her website, www.ljanesmith.net. She reads all her email and Guestbook entries and even answers whenever she can. She has recently joined Figment, and is thrilled to find a community of writers of all ages and experiences working together.




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