Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Simply Heavenly

by Victoria Testa

Hush, Hush. The words remind me of when I was younger, and the teachers would “hush” us. Yet, their insistence only made us louder. The “hushing” would cheer us on and chaos would ensue. Thatʼs the kind of effect Hush, Hush had on me. It inspired the best kind of chaos—pure, barely controlled, all-consuming chaos.

Nora Greyʼs life was shattered by the murder of her father. As she struggles to put the pieces of her life back together, the last thing she was looking for was love. Yet Patch, Noraʼs new science partner, is hard to ignore. With a too-confident walk, gorgeous body, and hard black eyes, he is practically the definition of irresistible. But, his hotness isnʼt the only thing making Noraʼs heart beat rapidly. Patch knows everything about her, from her favorite music to her secret insecurities. He is everywhere she is, and seems to carry danger in the back pocket of his dark Levis.

Nora is determined to solve the mystery behind Patchʼs wicked smile. However, the closer Nora becomes to the answer, and to Patch, she questions whether she really wants to know. But, itʼs too late. She knows too much to walk away. From the truth.

From Patch…

Just as it was starting to seem that Noraʼs life would be glued together again, it all comes spiraling down. She gets locked tightly into her terrifying and thrilling reality. Is Patch there to squeeze her hand? Or is he the one pushing Noraʼs life deeper into the ground?

Noraʼs horrifying past made her shy and untrusting. She writes poetry, eats organic food, and keeps life on a short leash. Nora is the kind of girl who knows the sound, textbook answer to every question, and refuses to let life slip into a grasp she canʼt handle.

Patch, on the other hand, is danger with a capital D. If there was anyone not to trust, it would be Patch. But, there is something about him. Something that is hard to resist. Whether youʼre pulled in by the mystery or the attraction, Patch is the ultimate heart-throb.

By all means, there is nothing compatible between these two teenagers. It isnʼt forbidden love or separation that is driving a stake through their romance. They are simply too different to connect. Yet, some of the most amazing moments in this book are watching their fighting turn into flirting, and loathing turn into loving.

Becca Fitzpatrick is terrifically genius. Not only does she create a forbidden love that isnʼt really forbidden, she also paints Noraʼs life in vivid colors. As a reader, I was invited into this world as a guest who can escape any time I shut the cover. However, Hush, Hush is a hard book to put down. With fast paced action and witty remarks, closing this book is a burden that shouldnʼt be endured. I didnʼt want to leave Nora alone in a world she is just learning exists. Not to mention, I couldnʼt bare to leave my literary boyfriend Patch alone within the pages. With wonderful characters, heart-pounding action, steamy romance, and amazing writing Hush, Hush is the kind of novel that keeps you enthralled long after the final pages.

Victoria Testa lives in New York City but is a beach bum at heart. When not writing or reading, she can be found surfing, swimming, and singing!

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