Blogs to Stalk: The Book Muncher

Once a week, we feature one blogger who we think is crackerjack. Check them out!

A little about the The Book Muncher…

There’s definitely a reason why this blog is called The Book Muncher…its creator reads A LOT OF BOOKS. Holy moly! The Book Muncher is also well-connected to the goings on in the literary world of New York City. She often posts her own coverage of book signings and author speaking engagements, as well as telling people what’s what and who’s who in young adult literature. Plus her page is filled with photos, songs, videos…in short, this blog is a must-read for YA enthusiasts. Go to!

And when we asked the blogger about her favorite word…

“I actually had to think about that one for a while. My favorite word (of the moment) is actually not a real word. It is actually the result of many a typo which created the word ‘fantasty.’ It pretty much describes my opinion of books and fantasy: tasty.”

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