TextStyles: Isn’t it Poetic?

Poetry may be lovely, but it’s never been funnier to us!

[scroll down for links of where to find these amazing gifts/indulgences!]

Make poetry fun with magnets, too! When they’re on a fridge, the young to old can create poetry after digging out their favorite snack.  We think these are skills that should be applied outside of your home kitchen.  If you’re a competitive fridge poet, fight over conjunctions here.  If you like Magnetic Poetry, check out their site and play with different kits.

Shockedpoetry.com lets you create poems according to a theme (goth, dogs, ransom note) and then send them as e-greetings.

So don’t shame Dr. Seuss, go get your poetry on!

Want it? Go get it!

“Haikus are easy” t-shirt found here, on Threadless.

I Carry Your Heart locket on Fireweedimpressions ‘s Etsy

Sneezer222 ‘s Twas the Night Before Christmas wine holder [on Etsy].

I want E.E. Cumming’s words on MY wall. Decals by singlestonesstudios, on Etsy.

Get your own Alice haiku tea cup here, by teaspoonsandpetals, on Etsy.

I think I’ll be reading by poetry candles tonight, by bookity on Etsy.

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