How (not) to get your book published

A: “So how do you plan to get your book published?”
B: “I’m going to send a copy to Random House.”
A: “I think my heart just stopped.”
B: “I know they’ll want to talk to me right away…How may editors will Random House assign to my novel?”
A: “Minus thirteen.”
B: “Because it’s going to need a lot of editing. I’m not good at spelling.”
A: “My throat is starting to close up.”
B: “But I’m the talent. That’s what editors are for.”

10 thoughts on “How (not) to get your book published

  1. I saw this after someone linked to it on Twitter. It made me crack up, especially after having just finished NaNoWriMo and knowing a lot of people who had just finished as well. The funniest part isn’t just the man-gopher-thing talking foolishly, but what the woman-pig-thing has to say in reply. Definitely a hilarious video for ANYONE who likes literature in the slightest.

  2. I actually found this via an agent’s blog, and then in a few more places later that week. This made me wince and laugh and think “Thank God I am not as stupid as him.” I wanted to send my creative writing teacher…(let’s see, he’s a man so not flowers, he often comments on how fat he is, so no candy…) something.

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