Blogs to Stalk: Presenting Lenore

Every week, Figment features a blog that we think is all kinds of wonderful. This week, we’re featuring Presenting Lenore!

A little about Presenting Lenore

Presenting Lenore is chock full of book reviews, interviews with authors, fun contests, and — my personal favorite — hilarious pictures of her adorable (and somewhat silly) cats. Lenore is obviously an avid reader. It seems she’s also turned her love of words into a career as a copywriter, and we love when she gives us a glimpse of her work life every once in a while. Oh, and did I mention that her favorite books include The Hunger Games and Fingersmith? Enough said.

Figment asked Lenore: If you could have coffee with any author, living or dead, who would it be and why?

“I think one of the most fab parts of living in the information age and being a book blogger is that I have had the chance to grab a drink with a lot of different authors that I admire.  Since I don’t want to meet any zombie authors, I’ll go with a living and less accessible author – Suzanne Collins.  I’d love to discuss the Hunger Games trilogy with her and try to convince her to write a Peeta short story or novella.  Of course, I’d drink tea (something like Hazelnut Vanilla) and not coffee…”

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  1. Hi, I tagged my work with “hungercontest” but I don’t see it among the submissions. I submitted it at around 10:30 am last night.

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