New Year’s Contest with A.M. Robinson

This week, Figment is hosting a New Year’s Contest — write 500 words about (or on) New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s Day, and include the word “crush” (or crushes, chrushed, chrushing, etc.). The judge for this contest will be A.M. Robinson, author of Vampire Crush (HarperTeen 2010).  For more details, go here.

A.M. Robinson didn’t want to miss out on the fun, so she wrote her own entry. (But you can’t win, A.M, sorry!)

Chloe Ward had expected to spend her New Year’s Eve drinking bargain champagne in some rundown house off-campus and figuring out the best way to initiate a midnight kiss with Mysterious Will of Dorm Four. Instead she was standing in the freezing cold looking for his escaped rabbit. New New Year’s resolution, she thought as she pulled her coat tighter and stomped up the stairs to the imposing faux-Gothic entrance of Martin Hall. Stop crushing on Mysterious Boys. And exercise more. Sheesh.

After catching her breath, she surveyed the deserted quad, looking for any sign of a white bunny. She supposed she should be thankful that there was a full moon that illuminated every nook and cranny, but then again, that’s what got her in this mess. Who cancels a date because “they didn’t realize it was going to be a full moon”?

Of course, that wasn’t the excuse he had used at first. At first he had tried to pretend that he was sick, weak coughs and all.

“But Holly just said she talked to you ten minutes ago in the cafeteria and you were fine,” she said. “If you’re having second thoughts—”

“No, I want to go with you! I do. I just …I just have to stay in tonight. I didn’t know it was going to be a full moon.”

“Whatever,” she said, and hung up before he made it to the second syllable of her name.

She should have just gone to the party by herself. Instead she watched repeats of Sex and the City and, overcome by misguided Girl Power, decided to confront him at his dorm room. He didn’t answer when she knocked, and when she cracked open the unlocked door, all she found was a white rabbit sitting on Will’s computer chair chewing on an empty Mountain Dew bottle. Incensed that Will had lied, she didn’t register the bunny darting between her legs and out the door until it was too late.

Now a flash of white by the flagpole caught her attention. The bunny was hopping in circles, stopping every few moments to examine the weeds peeking through the gravel. She ran down the stairs as quietly as she could and scooped him up before he could plan another Great Escape.

“He never told me he had a stupid bunny,” she told the rabbit, whose nose twitched peacefully in response. Up close, it had a brown mark shaped like a diamond along its neck. That was funny—Will had a similar birthmark that always peeped out from beneath his t-shirt collars. She decided to say as much to the bunny.

Its nose twitched again. Suddenly, she had a crazy thought. “Will,” she said forcefully. “Will.”

The bunny pumped its legs and tried to snuggle into the crook of her neck. Chloe decided to go to the nearest bench and sit down. Yes, she thought as the bunny settled contently in her lap, it was time to stop crushing on mysterious boys.

8 thoughts on “New Year’s Contest with A.M. Robinson

  1. I like it. Very mysterious. I like how he changed into a bunny instead of a werwolf on the full moon night. Bunnies are WAY more cuddly then werwolves.

  2. I love this story! I also love how he changed into a bunny, not a werewolf. I thought when she opened the door, a giant werewolf was going to come rushing after her! I love this story… AMAZING!! <3 Your biggest fan, Katie.

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