Winner announced for New Year’s Contest

Congratulations to Laura Carina — A.M. Robinson has chosen “At Midnight” as the winner of the New Year’s Contest!

The runner-up was “Disappear” by Kimberly Karalius. Congrats to both Laura and Kimberly, to all our 10 finalists, and many thanks to everyone who entered the contest. =)


A.M Robinson is author of Vampire Crush. You can see her Figment profile here and read her hilarious werebunnies contest entry.

46 thoughts on “Winner announced for New Year’s Contest

  1. How do you get an entry in the “readables” list, a.k.a. “Read Contest Entries”?
    I have written one, but I can seem to figure out how to get it on here, and its alread tagged under newyears.

  2. Shouldn’t this contest strictly be judged by A.M. Robinson? I mean, I don’t care enough to beg people to heart my story. I hate to be the pessimist here but I guarantee the top ten “most hearted” won’t be the best entries, but the entries most campaigned for. I guess rules are rules, and fair is fair, which ultimately both go hand in hand in terms of inconsistency. Does anyone else feel like its just a little bit of a juvenile judging system?

  3. My entry won’t appear on the 15 pages of entries.
    I have tagged it under newyears, and have been waiting two days for it to come up on any of the pages. the entry name is “Maybe Some Other Time”.
    Is there an amount of time I have to wait for it to appear, or is there something wrong with my entry itself(it’s about 100-something words) ?
    Thanks, help much appreciated 🙂

  4. Does the midnight deadline refer to early morning January 3rd, or late night January 3rd? Because if it’s early morning I might’ve been a couple minutes too late. :

  5. Er, my entry is not showing up….. I know it’s only been a day, but the last times it was pretty quick in being updated.

  6. I tagged mine “newyears”, but it’s not showing up with the other contest entries. It’s entitled Manifest Destiny. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Will you check the number of hearts on the book page, to make sure that the number of hearts is right? Because on my writing it says it has 32 hearts, but on the book page it has 40. Just making sure.

  8. its january 7th today… does this mean you have your top ten people…? so if i hearted someone today it would be too late? anyway, if you answer yes to the first question… who are they? i seemed to be pretty high up yesterday, but things can change…. i’m very anxious! hahah, please respond 🙂

    • Voting to determine the top ten ends tonight at midnight, and the finalists will be announced tomorrow. So any votes you cast today count toward making the final round!

    • “Wonder what’s going on in there?”

      “Not really.”

      “Yeah. Guess we’re only missing out on knockoff Orange Crush. ‘Tangerine Carbonated Beverage.'”

      Any use of the word ‘crush’ was acceptable, so ‘Orange Crush’ satisfies the requirement!

  9. Wow, this is really an honor 🙂 I feel all undeserving-like.
    Many thanks to A.M. Robinson and all who gave me feedback/votes!

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