Winners of The List Contest announced!

Congratulations to Bailey M. Kelsey, the winner of The List Contest! Her entry, Frakking Vests, won the top spot. Great job, Bailey.

We’ve also chosen a second place winner, John C Steele, for The Grass is Greener.Β An honorable mention goesΒ to Julia Warner for Full of Knots.

Congrats to our winners, all our finalists (who you can check out below), and thanks to everyone who entered!

Sunglasses by Magggie H
Top Ten Reasons by Celeste
Deadly Truth by Heather Cary
To Cleanse Yourself by Counting to Ten by K the Cool
Savior by M. T. Lucas
looking perfect by Emine E.
The Grass is Greener by John C Steele
Deja Vu by Celestine Co
the list by Kali C.
Over the Ocean by Lily Canyella
Theodore by Alexandra Sophocleus
Questions for everyone. by JESSICA BLILIUOS
Wanton by Meagan Abbott
Frakking Vests by Bailey M. Kelsey
The Stolen Child by Alison L.
A New Life by Amara T
The cat and the Zippo by Sam McNamara
Witch by Rhea
S.H.I.T. by Phoebe Frear
Senior Year Realizations by Tori Coomer
OCD (At least, I think so) by Kyla Denae
Nothing Left by Amanda Thornell
Full of Knots by Julia Warner

The judges for this contest were a group of Figment moderators headed up by me (Lindsay), who read all entries blind (no title, no author, no order). We were looking for originality, creative use of the prompt and, of course, good writing style.

46 thoughts on “Winners of The List Contest announced!

  1. Hi!
    I was wondering, does something LITERALLY have to be burned and something LITERALLY have to be found? Or can it be emotional or metaphorical?

    • I’m just testing out how different #’s of finalists work out – we’ve tried a few different numbers in the past. Do you not like it? I’m totally open to feedback. -Lindsay

  2. Lindsay, I think 20 finalists is a great idea, remember last contest when there were so many good ones near the top, but only 5, (It was a tie, so in that case, 6) people could get in the top list. Experimenting is also a good idea. You mods and admins have such good ideas πŸ˜€

  3. Hey this is not fair. English isn’t my first language.. so how am I supposed to invent cursing? It isn’t fair πŸ™

  4. Maybe you should have the winner of the last contest be an honorary judge… who he picks from the finalists doesn’t count, but it would be a good way to honor him or her. We’d have to trust them to be impartial, of course.

  5. Maybe, this question is silly….but do you literally have to make up some sort of curse word…or could it be something like “Oh my corn on a cob” for an example.

    • We’re not looking for vulgarity, but we’d like a creative exclamation of frustration. “Good golly Miss Molly!” or “My shivering uncle!” or “What in the name of Zuckerberg?”

  6. Eh…I bet my entry really stinks…*hides in a corner* I have terrible self-esteem problems…no, my real problem is I can’t think of any curses! -_-;; This is terrible…

    • Audrey-
      You’ve got this! Just imagine what you’d say if you stubbed your toe really hard in front of an innocent three year old. I’m sure you’ll come up with something phenomenal.

  7. Can the first day of school be a flashback? Like “She remembers the first day of school all the way back in September. How she had been late and forgot her lunch money and even got homework”. Or does it physically need to be on that day? (/totally jumping in at last moment)

    • That’s fine, as long as part of the story is occurring in that flashback, and it isn’t just a fleeting thought. Good luck!

  8. I published my story a couple hours ago tagged with ‘thelist’, but I haven’t seen it on the contest list yet. Should I re-publish it if it doesn’t get picked up by the deadline?

  9. Hey, I know we can edit our works after the contest has been closed (Which is now) but can I edit the description without being disqualified?

  10. Unfortunately, we barely have 4 pages of entries… I think that 20 finalists might be a bit much… There would probably be a big jump. Like, 40 hearts, 30 hearts, 29 hearts, ah! the one below that is only 5 hearts. Know what I mean?

  11. Yeah, there might be, but we only had five finalists for the first two contests, and the third contest we had ten finalists. For this one, with the least amount of entries so far, we have TWENTY finalists? Doesn’t make much sense to me, but its up to the mods, and Lindsay.

  12. Aw, we can’t enter anymore? D: Just goes to show why I should actually keep track of the contests… I will definitely be checking these more often.

    By the by, I think twenty finalists is a good number, since there are eleven/twelve pages of entries.

  13. I was hoping to see the original prompt / guidelines / requirements for this contest one more time – even though the contest is over. I’m bummed that the original contest description goes away after the contest is over. Thanks.

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