Send Figment a Postcard

We happen to think there’s nothing nicer than getting mail. Not e-mail, MAIL mail. (A little un-techie of us to say, but whatever.)

This month, send a poem or joke on a postcard to Figment, and we’ll feature it on our blog and enter you to win some Figment swag. For details on this time-travelling enterprise:


6 thoughts on “Send Figment a Postcard

  1. Dear Figment,
    your website is totally awesome! Keep up with the great stuff.
    I LOVE writing stories and have been searching for a website to publish my stories/poems on. So, when my classmate told me about it I was astonished! Later, I went on and discovered the wonders of Figment! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi. I’m noticing that figment is having some problems. It won’t let me update anything and it’s had the same books in the figment library for about 2 hours. I need help!!!

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