Deleted Scenes from THE IRON WITCH

In her blog post for us, Karen Mahoney mentioned that she saved a lot of the material that got cut, for one reason or another, from the final draft of The Iron Witch. She graciously agreed to post some of that never-before-seen writing on Figment. Read all of it here, or keep reading for a quick preview of what’s in store:

Donna Underwood’s Journal:

I met someone last night. A boy, to be more specific. Well, not exactly a boy. He’s probably nineteen, so I think that qualifies him for at least a ‘young man’. God, that sounds just like something my aunt would call him. Ugh. Get a grip, Underwood.
Anyway. I feel nervous just thinking about it. About Xan, I mean.

He’s not even human—not one-hundred percent human, anyway. I can’t believe I finally meet a guy I get that feeling for (the one I’ve read so much about in Mom’s old books like
Frenchman’s Creek and Rebecca), and he turns out to be half-fey. He even showed me where his wings should be—I didn’t know that someone with only some faery blood would actually have wings, and it was horrible. Truly, truly awful. Something terrible happened to him, I don’t know what. I can hardly bear to think about it and what it’s done to him as a result.

He must be in so much pain.

Talking to him brought up a whole load of stuff to do with what happened to my hands that day in the forest. In the dark Ironwood.

Just writing this down is difficult— finding the right words and allowing them space on the pages of this book. It makes my heart hurt, thinking about Xan. And then thinking about myself and everything I’ve lost—about my parents.

When my father died to save me from the Wood Monster he couldn’t save my hands, but I’d go through it all again—the pain, the magical operations (we can rebuild her!)—if only it would bring him back. I didn’t see Dad fall that night, but I saw him afterwards lying as still and cold as the moon’s reflection on the river.

My life is so crazy-messed up, but despite everything I still can’t help wondering: is Alexander Grayson someone who can finally understand?

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