Hilarious Human Dictionaries

Last night, we played Human Dictionary on the Figment Forums. I gave Figmenters an arcane word, they had to come up with a definition. They nearly killed me. Here are some highlights!

sesquipedalian: a sequined elderly woman who likes to go biking. (hnilla)

exfluncticate: The careful, practiced art of shifting to one side when sitting down in order to disguise the evidence that you have, in fact, just farted. Used typically to keep significant others unaware and sometimes accompanied by an unearthly cough to drown out the noise. (Caroline Grand)

obambulate: The act of dressing up like Obama in ones sleep and wandering the streets of sanfrancisco shouting, “yes we can!” (Heather C.)

gardyloo: Noun; A traditional English wooden shed located in shrubbery gardens where one is able to use the loo and drink tea at the same time, all while chatting on with all of their chaps. (Will Wheaton)

hornswoggle: To be assaulted with so many Facebook notifications, messages, and IMs that your eyes wiggle in their sockets uncontrollably. Similar to a seizure, but only observed in those with 1500 Facebook friends or more. (Michele Ford)

At then end of all the rounds, the overall winner was Michele Ford, second place went to Kainaima and Heather C., and third place went to Caroline Grand and hnilla.

We’re hosting a forum game again next week, so be sure to join in 🙂

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