90-Second Newbery

The Newbery Awards honor excellence in Young Adult fiction. They represent a distinguished and exhalted tradition in literature and celebrate the books that exemplify that tradition. Sometimes, though, the books can be so danged LONG.

There is a solution! James Kennedy, has created a website where you can upload your own SUPERCONDENSED 90-second adaptation of previous Newbery winners. Even better? It’s been brought to our attention that his example video, “A Wrinkle in Time” in 90 Seconds, stars several Figment users!

Although we aren’t certain, we are pretty sure that the video made use of a specially trained stunt-brain, so we can say with some confidence that no Figmenti were hurt in the filming of this video.

Are you cinematic-ally inclined? You have until September 15th, 2011 to submit your own!

7 thoughts on “90-Second Newbery

  1. I don’t know whether to be amused, because that was hilarious, or to be offended, because it’s such a poor representation of what the book’s actually about, even if they got the plot down…
    A Wrinkle in Time is one of my favorite books ever. I read it in 4th grade, and spent the next two weeks trying to explain the existence and geometry of higher-dimensions to my classmates. They didn’t really get it.

    • Good job!! That’s so cool!
      (P.S: Hi, it’s me, y’know, the one you reminded me a while ago to come see figment, but I forgot, and now I remembered because I’m trying to avoid studying for finals… y’know…)

  2. I’m so delighted this made it on to Figment! (This is James Kennedy, the organizer of the film festival.) I’m looking forward to seeing what other 90-Second Newbery films we get from other Figmenti!

    @Stella Etoile: Nobody could have done it better.

    @Olivia: I yield to nobody in my love for “A Wrinkle in Time,” but what makes a 90-Second Newbery project work is that it’s a chance to poke gentle, affectionate fun at the books. We’re not doing a serious adaptation. Anyway, if you spent two weeks unsuccessfully trying to explain the book to classmates, how could we possibly have managed it in a mere 90 seconds? 🙂

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