My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison

by Victoria Testa

The first thing that comes to mind after reading My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison is to be careful what you wish for. You might wish for a fairy godmother whose kind and caring demeanor will make all your desires come true. Someone to help you find the perfect prom dress, ace your finals, and fix all your problems. But not all fairy godmothers are created equal. Just ask Savannah Delano.

Unfortunately, Savannah is stuck with Chrissy, a gum-chewing, high-heel wearing, cellphone carrying teenager who is better known for her mistakes than her magic. After Savanah’s boyfriend dumps her for her sister Jane, Savannah is crushed. After a few incredibly embarrassing moments and with a shrinking belief in romance, all Savannah wants is for  Prince Charming to take her to prom. With her misguided godmother, Savannah starts living a Cinderella story like no other. However, her fairy tale life is becoming increasingly Grimm . Can Savannah save her dream date and herself before the stroke of midnight?

Janette Rallison is one of my favorite young adult writers, because her language is real. Everything about her style and observations is pitch-perfect. Her humor makes your stomach ache with laughter. Her romance makes you swoon. Her characters become your best friends. Her stories are the work of genius.

Savannah is an accidental heroine. The reader wants to hate her for all the trouble she causes. However, she embodies too much of the average teenager to really be disliked. Savannah could be a real girl. She has feelings and problems, and she is not afraid to fight for what she wants. It is Savannah’s confidence and care for others that make the reader admire everything she does.

One of the best aspects of this story is Savannah’s heartbreak. Unlike other young adult authors, Janette Rallison doesn’t look down on young love. She doesn’t preach or discount how deeply a relationship can affect a teenager. Instead, she acknowledges Savannah’s feelings and offers a positive spin: no matter how bleak things may look, it will get better. The heartache will go away. Truly, love will conquer all.

Finally, My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison grapples with the idea that life isn’t always a fairytale. Not everything happens with the wave of a magic wand, and there isn’t always going to be a fairy godmother waiting with a horse drawn carriage. Sometimes, you have to pull yourself together.  Sometimes, you need to work your own magic and make your own “happily ever after.”

Victoria Testa lives in New York City but is a beach bum at heart. When not writing or reading, she can be found surfing, swimming, and singing!

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  1. I think a lot of people should read that book. I read it and it was amazing and I co read the last two chapters over and over

  2. I can’t rem Savannah’s best friends name though. I am writing a fanfiction so I need her name can someone tell me please.

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