Winners announced for the Trapped Contest

Congratulations to the winners of the Trapped Contest! Michael Northrup chose Blitzkrieg by Carys Goodwin as the 1st place winner, and Glass Maze by Enaam Alnagger as the runner-up. Congrats, Carys and Enaam!

Thanks again to everyone who entered and voted. 🙂

The finalists were….

1. Dance of the Aria by Annie
2. 9 Years Apart by Bethany Rose Sanders
3. In the Mist of the Night by Brandon Berman
4. Together, At Least For Now by Kali C.
5. Glass Maze Enaam Alnagger
6. Lock Down by Celeste Selene
7. Trapped by Madison Summers
8. Blitzkrieg by Carys Goodwin
9. Don’t You Forget About Me by Magggie H.
10. Hello by M.T. Lucas
11. Unlikely by K.C. Graham
12. Tremble by Alina Lewandowski
13. A Snow Prom by Amara T
14. Tortured Souls by Hannah S.
15. Freedom in Detention by Kaitlin Farley

Finalist are now headed off to Michael Northrup, who will be picking the winner. Good luck, everyone!

What would you do if you were trapped with strangers in your school?

In 1200 words or fewer, write a story or poem about people at a school or college who get trapped together. The reason they’re trapped is up to you. How long they’re trapped is up to you. Who’s trapped is up to you (“a jock, a rebel, a beauty, a recluse”…if you need a little inspiration, feel free to ask John Hughes.)

This contest is inspired by Trapped by Michael Northrop (Scholastic), which is about 7 students who get trapped in their high school during a blizzard. Michael Northrop will be judging the contest.

Instructions on how to enter:

-Create a new writing with your entry
-Tag it as “trappedcontest” (one word)
-Be sure to press “Publish Now”
-Wait the hour or so it sometimes takes for entries to show up BELOW.

The deadline is SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6th at 9PM EST. Entries will be accepted immediately. One entry per person. Then YOU decide the finalists by voting on your favorite entries; you can vote until FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11th at 6PM EST. The top 15 hearted entries will become finalists. The winner will receive a copy of Michael’s book, some Figment swag, and will be featured on our blog and newsletter. Good luck, Figmenters!

45 thoughts on “Winners announced for the Trapped Contest

  1. My question is basic:

    Do they have to be students? Can it have, say, been an open house at a college they got stuck in?

  2. Does it have to take place only in the school or can there be flashbacks outside of the school explaining why they are trapped?

  3. …This is funny, I actually wrote a story called “Trapped” about a month ago before this contest…except instead of school they’re trapped in a mansion.

  4. Can it have some element of fantasy in it, like a monster of some sort chasing them into the school and trapping them there?

  5. Is there really any chance of a newbie winning if they enter? I mean, it’s unlikely that us newbies are going to get many hearts.

  6. Hmm… I know you all set up the new rules in the forum about contests of people switching to get more hearts but I still feel like it is a problem. Just looking through contest entries I saw in the infos of some “Please heart! I’ll return the favor!”. I don’t mean to be nagging but is this really fair? I feel like I’m trying hard to win this fairly while others are taking the easy way out to win…

    • I agree with Cade. Many of the top hearted entries seem to have this (not that they aren’t good). I’ve put that I will read others’ stories if they heart or comment on mine, but I believe there should be restrictions against this kind of thing. Hearts shouldn’t come free.

      • Yeah… Honestly, it makes me not want to even bother entering a contest because I know those people always gets more votes because of their swaps. I enter the contests anyway, but without much hope of winning.

  7. Question: If I wait until the winner is chosen can I turn this contest entry into a story? I’ve become attached to it and would love to continue with this character’s transformation. She has so much promise!

  8. Hi there!

    My friend and I published our stories yesterday (His was on time, mine was at 9:02 because I totally forgot about it), and neither of ours are on the entries list. Is there any reason why his isn’t up there?

  9. Last night I finished mine and put it up at about 8:30 pm., and I noticed after going through the contest entries about 4 to 5 times that mine wasn’t up on the list. Is it going to be put on? Thank you.

  10. My teacher just happened to have Trapped, so of course I took it and am currently reading it. The allusions to the ending in the beginning make it so suspenseful! Can’t wait to keep reading! >__<

  11. Yay~! Thank you to the judge for choosing my story! ^__^ I’m very happy.

    Not to be a pain, but my last name is spelled “Alnaggar” — it ends with an “ar”, not “er”.

    Thank you!

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