Vote for the Poetry Contest!

Go to “Blog” to see Wednesday’s 10 semi-finalists, and vote for your favorite.

2 thoughts on “Vote for the Poetry Contest!

  1. I mis-ticked and can’t change my vote.. I would like to vote for cancer… now I’m sad because I gave my vote to the first on the list, because I was too stupid to read the introductory text explaining to use that link to the poems.. I stupidly assumed they open up when you click on them in that blue box.. and whoops I voted for untitled…

  2. Like all of you when I heard the original lineup had reunited for “Astronaut” I was thrilled.
    Not quite so thrilled when I heard the disc.
    Granted “Astronaut” had some great moments but that was not the comeback I was hoping for.
    I skipped “Red Carpet” all together due to the reviews from fans and critics.
    Then without even realizing DD was coming out with something new, this caught my attention on our local newspaper.
    Not quite the hippest place to find out about a new DD album but that’s it.

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