Title Puzzlers

Can you figure out these popular YA and Children’s titles from the puzzles below?

Stumped? Hover your mouse over the picture for the answer.
Which ones did you guess correctly? Tell us in the comments!

17 thoughts on “Title Puzzlers

  1. The cat in the hat.
    City of bones.
    Wrinkle in time.
    Lightning thief.
    White cat.
    I still don’t get the Harry Potter and I didn’t know the rest.

  2. I got The Cat in the Hat, Harry Potter, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Lightning Thief. I really like the Mockingjay picture though. 😀

  3. The Cat in the Hat, Wrinkle in Time, City of Bones. I probably should have gotten the Harry Potter one…XD

    Also, when I hovered over the Mockingjay picture, it said “MOCKINJAY” instead of “MOCKINGJAY”

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