Blogs to Stalk: PageTurners Blog!

Every week, Figment features a blog that we think is all kinds of wonderful. This week, we’re featuring PageTurners Blog!

A bit about PageTurners:

Though PageTurners’ five founders first connected on, they now run their own multi-review YA blog that stays current on YA trends and releases. Founded in August of 2009, PageTurners keeps readers on their toes with a plethora of book reviews, contests and giveaways, previews of pre-released books, and a slew of fun weekly features (we like its spotlight on cover designs, Cover Crazy).

Figment asked PageTurners: Imagine you’ve constructed your ideal library or book haven. What does it look like?

Stacey: Every so often someone will do an article that shows pictures of these amazing libraries around the world and I always drool over them, and it’d be way cool to live in them.  I would love a library that is in some old building that has great architecture that just feels like you could get lost in a different time or place in.  Some place with a lot of wood and dark metal and a BIG comfy chair I can curl up in.

Pixie: My dream library would be floor to ceiling shelves, with lots of natural lighting and a comfy nook to read.  And lots of comfy chairs!

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