Blogs to Stalk: GreenBeanTeenQueen!

Every week, Figment features a blog that we think is all kinds of wonderful. This week, we’re featuring Sarah Thompson of GreenBeanTeenQueen!

Sarah spends her days working as a tween and teen librarian. When she’s not advising readers on great reading picks, she’s running her book review blog. In addition to her frequent reviews, she also publishes fun features like author interviews, giveaways, and exciting news from the YA world.

Figment asked Sarah: As a librarian, you work with books constantly. Tell us one or two of your favorite or funniest library stories.

One of my favorites was a tween boy who wanted books on dragons, “but not the fake made up stories, I want non-fiction so it’s real!”  Or the little boy who was walking out of the library and told his dad he was going to stay up late all night reading his book because it was sooo good!  It’s always so great to give someone a book and see their face light up and make their day. Or to offer a program that my teens think is the greatest program ever and they can’t wait to come back. Moments like those are what make my job worth it!

In recent years especially, there’s been a lot of crossover with YA fiction moving into “the mainstream”. What do you think YA fiction offers adult readers that they can’t find elsewhere?

I think YA has a lot of adult crossover because adults are realizing YA is just as good and sometimes better than what’s in adult fiction.  YA is often shorter and easier to read. And my favorite thing about YA is that no matter how bleak the story may be, there is always hope in YA which isn’t true for adult novels.  Plus, YA transports you back to your teen years and you can relive your first crush, first kiss, first job, first car, etc. And sometimes after being an adult in the real world with a grown up job you want to escape to that life again.

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