The Extraordinary Contest

We all want to find out something about ourselves, something that flips the script, that shakes us from normalcy, whether that thing be an owl inviting us to Hogwarts, the friendly neighborhood Ben Kenobi revealing our high midi-chlorian levels, or Julie Andrews come to train us to rule Genovea.

Write a story or poem in fewer than 1200 words where a character discovers something extraordinary about themselves. Try to think outside the box!

The deadline is TUESDAY, March 1st, at NOON EST. Entries will be accepted immediately; one entry per person. All you need to do is:

1. Send your entry to, in the body of the email
2. Follow Extraordinary Contest

As always, no contest promotion. To ensure the blind voting isn’t compromised, please refrain from posting your entry on Figment until the winner is announced.

After the 1st, we’ll put up finalists for the contest, which you can then vote on to choose the winner! The winners will receive a $35 gift certificate to ThinkGeek. (If you don’t know that website, you should. Silly Rhymes for Belligerent Children should not be missed.)

Good luck and happy writing!

78 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Contest

  1. This contest sounds like a lot of fun!
    Question: does the extraordinary characteristic of the person have to be a good thing? Or can it just be unique and something not everyone can do and stuff (can be a bad thing)?

  2. Ohmygoodgollygosh. I’m so excited that I forgot how to use the space bar in that previous sentence. I /love/ thinkgeek, and I have a character that has extroardinary abilities. ;D

  3. Hiii!(: Ok, so, I’m going to loooove writing for this contest!
    One question; can it be something unique about someone (i.e, talent) or something that happens inside someone’s soul, heart? Just wonderin’!

  4. Um I don’t get how you send it in. Like I know where you send it but how?



    P.s. Can It be a horror story? As long as we have the requirements?

    • You email your entry to the provided address. Copying your writing and pasting it into the email is an easy and very accessible way of entering your writing.

  5. Ah hah, I love the image that you have in the heading. Brightened my day considerably. x’D This is an interesting contest, and if I manage to procure enough inspiration, I’ll try to enter.

  6. Hi, I was wondering if we should send the entry in the body of the email, or if it should be attached in a word document or something like that. I just want to make it easier for you guys!

  7. No offense, but I prefer it when fellow figmenters get to vote the normal way. You guys pick YOUR favorites, which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best.

  8. Does the entry have to be about a person finding out something extraordinary about themselves, or can it be something extraordinary told/described from a person’s POV? Interesting contest idea, by the way 🙂

  9. sounds like a cool contest, but i think you should put a diff. prize, for people who dont know what thinkgeek is. i wanted to enter, until i saw it, because i dont want a 35$ gift certificate for something i dont know/care about.

  10. so, I’ve never entered a contest before, so do I put my name in the email containing my entry, or is it sufficient that you’ll be able to see the email address that sent it?

  11. AHHHH! kaii i NEED answers !
    how are we supposed to write our OWN story about something somebody else already wrote in a book? please please please reply, i rlly wanna enter this contest! <33

  12. I entered for the contest a couple days ago, but they sent it back to me saying that it was over the word limit but I could fix it and send it back to them. But according to microsoft it says that I have 1,200. I don’t know what to do. Please help me!

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