The Clique Contest – Vote Now!

*ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED — please read the entries, heart your favorite, and the submissions will be sent to Lisi Harrison!*

The series is coming to an end, but now YOU can decide what happens next!

Imagine Claire, Massie, Dylan, Alicia, and Kristen 10 years from now. Where would they be? What would they be doing? Who would they know — and who would they have lost touch with?

In less than 1200 words, write a short story or scene from the point of view of Claire, Massie, Dylan, Alicia, or Kristen that takes place 10 years after the end of the series. Show us a snapshot of that girl’s life. You get to make up everything, so don’t forget the juicy details!

Lisi Harrison, the author of The Clique, will be judging the contest, and is giving away a signed copy of every book in The Clique series and a set of Kate Spade notebooks. The winner will appear on Figment and on Lisi Harrison’s blog. The deadline is Friday, February 25 at midnight EST, so get writing!

To enter The Clique Contest, please follow these instructions:

  • Create an account on Figment
  • Go to the My Writing page and create something new
  • Write your entry
  • Press “Publish Now”
  • Go to the Details tab
  • Type “clique” in the Tags box
  • Press “Save”
  • After a few hours, the entry should appear on the “Contest Entries” tab, here.

If you have any problems, feel free to email a moderator at

How is the winner determined? By you! Just go to “See entries” below, browse through other people’s entries, and heart your favorites. You can start reading and hearting now. The top hearted entries by Thursday, March 3 will be sent to Lisi Harrison.

Good luck, Pretties!

1. One entry per person, please.
2. The promotion of your contest entry is not allowed on Figment. This includes self-promotion and the promotion of other users’ contest entries in the Figment forums, the comments and reviews of stories, and the Figment Facebook page. Independent promotion on sites unrelated to Figment, like personal Facebook or Twitter accounts, is fine.
3. Works must be published between the announcement of the contest and the closure of the contest. Entries created before the start date or after the end date will not be included in the pages of contest entries and will be ineligible to win. This means a new story must be created for the contest; adapting an old story published before the start of the contest will make the entry ineligible to win.
4. The rules of the contest are both strict and open to interpretation by a moderator. Word limits will be enforced; works that exceed the maximum will not be accepted without the presence of extenuating circumstances, and at the moderator’s discretion. Should an entry not meet the contest requirements, it will be ineligible to win.
5. It is the user’s responsibility to properly tag the story so that the story appears within the contest submissions. Untagged or improperly tagged stories will not be shown with the submissions and will not be eligible to win.
6. The creation of multiple accounts to heart or otherwise vote for your contest entry on Figment is prohibited, and may result in the disqualification of that entry, the deletion of your Figment account, and/or the blocking of your IP address permanently from the site, at the moderator’s discretion.

39 thoughts on “The Clique Contest – Vote Now!

    • They are the best books in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!! go to the library and get them! The first one is called The Clique and they’re by Lisi Harrison and you should totally read them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. OMG I love the Clique! I am so so so sad the series is ending!!!!!!!!!!! I almost don’t want to read the last book, because then it’ll be over! :'( I’m very sad….
    Anyway, my point of this was to say maybe the tag should be different. There are a ton of stories on Figment with the tag “clique” which are not parts of this contest. Anything with a clique involved probably has that tag so….
    I’d love to enter though!!!!!!!!!! 😀

    • Read the last one!!! I toe-dally cried when i read it, but its so worth it!!!!! I feel like after so many books, that i was like part of the clique. Massie is really sweet in this book and something toe-dally shocking happens! OMG I LOVE THE CLIQUE SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GET THE LAST BOOK 🙂

  2. uh dumb contest theme. most of us cant even do it. i haven’t even heard of the series, and am pretty disapointed that I can’t do another contest this week. absolutely wonderful. 🙁

  3. well isnt the series like a bunch of books long? theres no way i can read all of them and do this contest. i will be looking forward to when there WON’T be another lame contest. just saying. not many entries are gonna come in… not many people will get the whole idea. 🙁 😐

  4. WOOHOO!
    i Love the clique series, and it’d be so cool to win this. I’ve been a fan since the summer before last. i’ve had to order them online to read them (you can’t get them in England) and they’re so worth it! i can’t wait to enter!

  5. Ahh!!!! I love this series! I can’t wait to start writing. One problem. We have to write about all of the five girls. Is the word limit per girl or is the word limit for all of it?

    • Hi Mayme, Actually you don’t have to talk about all five girls if you don’t want to. You can just pick one of the girls, and tell us about her life from that perspective, though you could certainly tell multiple girls’ stories. The word limit is for all of it. Hope this helps!

  6. I don’t particularly care for the series; the storyline is minimally captivating, but I don’t consider it to be especially well-written. I don’t see why a contest would be made of it unless figment is receiving compensation, which is a bit disappointing, but understandable, I suppose.

    • I’m gonna start writting know i luv the clique & alicia , soo happy i did book report on them or i would have never known about them !!!

  7. Just two quick questions: how many of the top-hearted stories will be sent to Lisi to be read and reviewed? And also, is there only one winner gets all of the book prizes or are there a few? I know it said winner in the post but I wanted to be sure because that’s a lot of prizes!

    Anyway, great contest 🙂

  8. I would love to enter, but i haven’t read the final book yet. And there’s no way I can read the book and write my entry by Friday. I was also wondering how you can heart other people’s entries. I can’t seem to find where you can do that at.

  9. I know Markie already brought this up but I don’t think it’s fair to have a contest that isn’t inclusive especially since hardly any guys have read this series. I’m a girl but I haven’t read this.

    • i agree. but they are AMAZING books!!!!!!!!! i end up finishing them in, like, a day because i can’t put them down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but even though it IS kinda unfair, it is a good idea for a contest……

  10. Why do you do all these contests? Don’t people feel bad when they don’t win? Especially because they would feel like it was because people didn’t like their writing? I mean, I’m cool with whatever. I just like having people read what I write, but it’s kinda sad…

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