Literal Music Videos

Oh, music videos. We love you, but sometimes you are ridiculous. (Born This Way, anyone? O_O)

Every once in a while, someone gets to the bottom of this weirdness and graciously mocks music videos for our benefit. Exhibit 1: Literal Music Videos, wherein the actual lyrics of a song are replaced by what is literally being shown in the music video. This is the literal version of Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler):

We think this is a brilliant way to get the creative juices flowing and warm up your ridiculosity muscles (for writing). So here’s your challenge. Take the following absolutely bizarre music video by MGMT, literalize a certain moment of it, and share it in comments. Example: “@5:07 Floppy awkward running and whatthefoo your body popped — your face is now hotdogs.” Be sure to give the time of your literalization. OR give comment with other examples of ridiculous music videos.

That is all.

10 thoughts on “Literal Music Videos

  1. @3:02- We made our outfits out of tin cans, because recycling is cool. Our hairdressers were on strike today, and the make up artists went with them.

  2. Ok, I watched, like, a minute and a half of the Kids video and had to stop because those monsters freaked me out. I am traumatized!!

  3. @0:11 Someone left the stupid grill on so now all we see our flames and our ghost decided to show his “ghostly writing”. Welcome to the House of Stupidity.

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