The Clique Contest Finalists

In the Clique contest, we asked you to write a short story or scene (in less than 1200 words) from the point of view of Claire, Massie, Dylan, Alicia, or Kristen that takes place 10 years after the end of the Clique series. And you’ve all done exactly that. Now that voting is over, we are pleased to announce the top 18 finalists. Lisi Harrison, the author of The Clique, will be judging the contest, and is giving away a signed copy of every book in The Clique series and a set of Kate Spade notebooks. The winner will be featured on Figment and on Lisi’s blah-g.

So, without further ado, here are the top 18 finalists, in no particular order:

1. Remember: Some Things Just Clique by Jenn Symula
2. Massie & Derrick by Emmy F
3. Falling by Magggie H
4. Massily Ever After by Kaylee Smith
5. What Holds You Together-The Clique by Shaycee C.
6. 10 Things I Love About You by Alex
7. Gummy For Your Thoughts by Madison Summers
8. Being Hawt Is Nawt Hawt by Bethany Rose Sanders
9. The Clique: Make or Break It by Bella Maruca
10. Meant To Be by Cookie
11. What Happened? by Jordan Martin
12. A Tale of Two Dead Uglies by Alexandra Ling
13. Snow Place Like Home by Arianna Sanchez
14. Nowadays by Dana Hoffmann
15. The Pretty Committee All Grown Up by Tina
16. The Clique At 23 Years Old by Katie Ames
17. The Young and The Fabulous by Julie T.
18. The Clique: After the End by Anna Browne

(There are 18 finalists due to a tie for the last places)

Congratulations to all finalists, and best of luck in the last round!

8 thoughts on “The Clique Contest Finalists

  1. I was too late? But I Had My Idea All Finished, Edited, And Re-Read By The 26th! I Was So Looking Forward To This……

  2. I can’t believe my entry is there! I feel so bad for the people who aren’t finalists, I read some great ones that I voted for, but they’re not on the list. 🙁
    Good Luck to everyone!

  3. I heard some girls made fake emails and made other accounts to vote for themselves. Isn’t that sad Lisi said that on her blah-g and me and my friends were completely blown away.

  4. Congrats to everyone! You all worked very hard.
    I really hope we can have another clique in 10 years contest.
    I was new to figment and didn’t make the deadline.

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