Blogs to Stalk: Discovering Joy with Naomi!

Every week, Figment features a blog that we think is all kinds of wonderful. This week, we’re featuring Naomi Daugherty of Discovering Joy!

Discovering Joy was founded by high school student Naomi in December 2010, as a place to publicly chronicle her goal of writing a poem for every day of 2011. Once her 365 poems are completed, Naomi hopes to compile them into a published collection before she turns 20.

Figment asked Naomi: What draws you to poetry as a mode of expression? Do you think poetry offers certain freedoms that are more restricted when writing in prose?

I’m drawn to poetry as a mode of expression because it allows me to say or express something without directly alluding to what I may be going through or feeling. I do think it offers more freedom because it allows you to escape behind metaphors and similes, and it exploits emotions that you might not otherwise address.

Are there any particular poets that you seek out for inspiration?

I write slam poetry, as well as poetry. So my inspiration ranges from classics like Walt Whitman and Maya Angelou, to Mos Def and poets who have appeared on the TV show Def Jam Poetry.

Track Naomi’s project at Discovering Joy at!

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