Take Teams.

People love choosing sides. People love eye-catching logos. People love Figment. Now you can combine ALL of your loves with Figment Team Logos:

Tell us in the comments what team you are on! I’m Team PeetaDracoSimonSparrowDarcyEdward aka Team PDSSDE (prounounced PUHD-suh-duh).

55 thoughts on “Take Teams.

    • Hey Cassy-
      Those two are from The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. Great reads, if you like urban fantasy 🙂

    • It’s a reference to the Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. Jace is a shadowhunter, meaning he has runes etched all over his body, but Simon is human and wears glasses.

  1. Team Darcy! Who could ever be Team Collins? And of course, Team Gale!! All the way. Katniss deserves a real man. (sorry Peeta)

  2. Team Whoever is the Toughest. That rules out Edward and Draco, and since Gale is tougher than Peeta, he wins my vote (plus he didn’t go nuts at the end of the series).

  3. Uh OKAY PEOPLE! GET IT RIGHT; Peeta is waaaay better than Gale (DUH!) and Jace is way better than Simon (double DUH!!!)

    Don’t get me wrong, I like Simon and Gale, but their competition was better than they were.

  4. Gale/Harry/Jace/Sparrow/Darcy(YAY)/Edward…the abs were hard to overlook, but you gotta love the sparkle…

    Maybe next time we pick teams, add some girls. We don’t want the guys on Figment to feel left out!

    This was fun!! 🙂

  5. Team Darcy (I mean can someone give 3 valid reasons to choose Collins, I don’t think so). The others tied between Gale and Peeta and for Edward or Jacob – neither. haven’t read Mortal Instruments yet. Oh and Team Harry. I just love when figment makes logos….

  6. Team Bingley. 🙂

    I agree, should do one with girls for the guys (and girls)…can anyone think some up?
    For some reason my brain is dripping out my ears and all I can think of is Mol and Ariadne from Inception, which is n/a because
    a) it’s a movie
    b) it wasn’t even a book before it was a movie
    c) they were not really in competition and
    d) they’d probably make boring logos.
    Some smart literate person, help!

  7. Hmmm… girls…
    Hermione vs. Ginny
    Arwen vs. Galadriel (sort of competing, but only for Gimli and Eomer)
    Rebecca vs. Lady Rowena (From Ivanhoe)

    I’m already out of ideas. Anyway, team Gale (duh), Harry-Draco, and I haven’t read any of the others. Sorry!


    ! 🙂 ♥


  9. Teams:
    Gale, both Harry AND Draco (I can’t make up my mind – I love them both!), I don’t recognize the third set of choices, Darcy, and neither – I’m no fan of Twilight.

  10. What book is the first choice from? I’ve never heard of Peeta and Gale…. I feel stupid for asking… but the curiosity! IT BURNS!!!

    other than that:
    Harry-Draco (don’t make me choose), Jace, Sparrow, Darcy, and Jacob

    • *First two* Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.
      *Second two* Pirates of the Caribbean, one can pull of mascara and not be gay and the other one is Orlando Bloom.

  11. @ Thea- Seriously? Pirates of the Caribbean? SERIOUSLY?!

    Oh, and to those who are listing Terry Pratchett characters, I love you guys! Team Weatherwax, all the way! 😀

  12. Team Collins? Who would ever be Team Collins!? NO ONE! There is no competition, Darcy always wins! Oh, and Team Simon FTW!

  13. The Hunger Games: Everyone is asking the question “are you on team Peeta or team Gale?” … I am not on either team. I am not focusing on the love triangle of the story (like EVERYONE else). I am on team Katniss because she goes to the games to protect her family.

    The Mortal Instruments: Everyone is asking the question “are you on team Jace or team Simon?” … I am not on either team. I am not focusing on the love triangle of the story (like EVERYONE else). I am on team Clary because she has lost everything she has ever know, and just found out her whole life was a lie (LITERALLY. Her Father is still alive, she has a brother, her mom is kidnapped, she is attacked by a Demon, AND she will NEVER be able to go back to her old normal life EVER again.

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