Winner for Subway Phone Contest!

The winner of the Subway Phone contest is Just One Word by Annie! Congrats, Annie. Incidentally, this was also the top hearted story; great minds think alike, Figmenters.

The 2nd place goes to the entry Walls by Kary L. Congrats, Kary!

Thanks so much to everyone who entered — it was an absolutely incredible and humbling experience to see something we had created spark so much creativity.

And a special congrats to all our finalists again:

Just One Word by Annie
For Baby by Cookie
Innocence by Anna Moore
Waiting… by Elli S.
Clink! by A. Nonny Mouse
The Phone Call by Phoebe Solomon
Chased by Mimi the Mouse
Stairway to Heaven by Rhina Matsuda
Hear No Evil by Celeste Selene
Venom by Christine Lynn
Ceci, Are You There? by Tristan
Walls by Kary L.
Their Definition of I Love You by Bethany Rose Sanders
Stuffing by Z.B. Williams
New Beginnings Start with a Phone Call by Kiira Jeffers


13 thoughts on “Winner for Subway Phone Contest!

  1. Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!!! This is the first contest I’m a finalist for!!!!!!!!!!! I’m soooooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Sorry for my over gladness, but this is the first time I’ve been a finalist to… any awesome contest. So I’m happy! 🙂

  3. Wow… this was such a great surprise, I don’t even know how to react! >___<
    Thank you to everyone who read and liked my piece!
    And congrats to Kary, all the finalists, and everyone else who entered – I read a lot of them, and they were all amazing!

    ~ Annie who is bursting with happiness =]

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