Finalists for the Steampunk Apparatus Contest

Congratulations to the finalists of the Steampunk Apparatus Contest! And they are:

Never Take It Off by Anande Sjoden
Scarlet Ache by Annie
I Won’t Eat by Hannah Pouler
Angel of the Ocean by Hannah S.
I’m too fat!! by Veronica White
Freedom by Pete Riley
The Coast by Johnny Riley
Steam by Tateni Marunda Tareto Urio
Alcyone’s Belt by C. Alexxanda
Waking by elli.dubinowski
To Survive by Dana ๐Ÿ™‚ Hoffmann
The Lost Ring by Abby S.
Repopulation by Nicole Carr
Are Rumors True? by Stephanie
Industrial Hell by Zynathias Bornhold

CONGRATS! *breaks open the sparkly (cider)* These finalists will be sent to author Kathy Erskine (National Book Award winning author of MOCKINGBIRD).

As part of YALSA’s Teen Tech Week (which you should check out in your local libraries), we’re hosting a quirky contest that we hope will get your gears turning (heh heh, sorry, I couldn’t resist).

Figmenterย Fiona Plunkett has invented a device:

Narrika: A dark colored belt made of iron that was twirled into many loops and has pockets of air that can be tapped open. It has raised ridges that have spiky spheres on the end and gears inside that are always at work, constantly whirring.

Write a short story (in 750 words or fewer) in which this device is used. The device doesn’t need to feature super-prominently, but it must be in there! Notice that we haven’t told you the purpose of the device — you have to come up with that. Your entry can be in any genre.


-Create a new writing
-Tag itย YALSApunk
-Be sure to press โ€œPublish Nowโ€
-Wait the hour or so it sometimes takes for entries to show up BELOW.

The deadline is Friday, March 11 at 9PM EST. Entries will be accepted immediately. Then YOU decide the finalists by voting on your favorite entries; you can vote until Friday, March 18th at 9pm EST. The top hearted entries will become finalists. The winner will be judged by Kathy Erskine, National Book Award winning author of Mockingbird. The prize is — get this — a NOOK e-reader!

Good luck, Figmentaries~

(What is Steampunk? MTV explains, or check out this photo gallery.)

49 thoughts on “Finalists for the Steampunk Apparatus Contest

  1. What if you don’t have a twitter. (I don’t. No Facebook either.) Is there another way to enter the contest?

  2. What if the item’s description is too large for just one tweet? Could it possibly span two posts? I’m just wondering in case I go over the limit and get disqualified ^_^;

    And something random, but could we include a link to a supplementary picture if we wanted to? Not that it would count towards the contest, but I feel like drawing a little something if I have time :3

  3. So, even if you didn’t enter in a device of sorts will you still be able to do the writing portion once the device is chosen?

  4. I published my entry, “Fly Away Home,” and saw it come up on the page. I then changed the cover, and it disappeared. Now, it shows up, but only when you click “view comments” and even then with no cover, only a little red thing that says “Fly Away Home” cover. However, when you click on it, it then shows my cover. Can this be helped? Thank you.

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    • The name and description should be as given, so the name is Narrika or The Narrika if you prefer. But what it does is all you!

  6. My entry isn’t showing up, although I submitted it about 30 minutes ago (and getting kind of worried since the deadline is close)…

  7. I submitted my entry in time (well, like 5 minutes shy of the deadline…oh, last minute muse…) but I think I may have been past the deadline updating my cover art…will my entry still count?

  8. So I was just wondering, how many ‘finalist’ positions are there? Top 5, Top 10, Top Whatever-Looks-Good?

  9. Still not showing… And my previous comment comes up as “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Is this supposed to happen? Help…?

    • @Rhina

      Comments have to be approved before they’re posted, so it may take a little while before they show up. I’ve emailed you about your entry.

  10. I put the correct tag on my entry and I waited for more than an hour, but my entry isn’t posted underneath contest entries. What should I do?

  11. ONG OMG OMG I was the third most hearted!! I’m so thrilled just to be getting judged, I don’t even care who wins. OMG OMG OMG!!

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