Girls Write Now

Girls Write Now is an organization of women writers—educators, editors, poets, novelists, playwrights, journalists, literary agents, publishers, and more—that mentor and give writing instruction to high school girls in New York City. Since 1998, Girls Write Now has provided guidance, support, and opportunities for New York City’s high school girls to develop their creative, independent voices, explore careers in professional writing, and learn how to make healthy choices in school, career, and life.* WE LOVE THEM!

Every year, they also have a fantastic series of events called CHAPTERS, where high school and professional writers read and discuss their craft. If you live in NYC, you must check out these events, the first of which is this Friday, March 25. We’ll be there, so if you stop by, tweet us @figmentfiction!

Check out this interview with author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, from last year’s Girls Write Now CHAPTERS:

Video Credit: Kathleen Sweeney/

You can also see ALL of GWN’s videos here:

*Learn more at GWN’s website:

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