Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

Have you read Tirzah’s review of The Body Finder?

by Tirzah Price

Violet has managed to keep quiet about her secret ability to sense the echoes of the murdered and their killers. Only her parents, boyfriend, and her uncle, the police chief, know about it, even after Violet helped track down a serial killer. But when Violet hears the echo of a little boy outside of her uncle’s jurisdiction and phones in an anonymous tip, the FBI finds her and begins to probe into her life. Violet clamps up, afraid of what their true motivations and desires are. She is reluctant to confide in Jay, whose preoccupation with his new friend Michael has made him slightly distant. But then Violet begins to receive threatening messages that are somehow tied to Michael’s family, and Violet doesn’t know where to turn.

Like with her first book, The Body Finder, Derting hooks readers from the beginning with a combination of an engaging heroine with a strange ability and romantic tension between the protagonist and her best friend Jay. Though Violet and Jay’s relationship occasionally borders on unrealistically fairy tale-like, even when they’re arguing, it’s easy to overlook when Derting’s writing is so addicting and her mysteries so compelling. Michael and his family are intriguing characters, and Derting builds the mystery that surrounds them well. Sara Priest, her affiliations, and her investigation into Violet also add another serious edge to the story as Violet finally has to deal with the consequences of finding so many bodies and the curiosity of the outside world. Both elements are balanced well throughout the novel, and open up some interesting possibilities for Violet if the series continues. The mystery in Desires of the Dead isn’t quite as intricate as that of its prequel, but Derting does write an entertaining book with a few twists that concentrates more on Violet, her emotional health, and how she is forced to handle life. Though the book wraps up nicely, fans will be hoping for another book in the series.

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