Winners for the Recovery Contest announced!

Thanks to all who entered, everyone who voted for semi-finalists, and to all of our finalists! Blake Nelson, author of Recovery Road (the story that inspired the prompt), has chosen Laura Forysthe as the winner of the Recovery Contest. Her entry was Recoverup. Congrats, Laura!

The runner-up was Recovery from Haley by Tandice Kelly.

Thanks, everyone! And remember, everyone who sent us an entry can now publish those entries on Figment.

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n pl -eries (r-kv-r)
1. the act, process, duration, or an instance of recovering
2. restoration to a former or better condition
3. the regaining of something lost

Write a short story or poem of 1300 words or fewer with the theme “recovery.” That’s pretty broad, so take it and run!

This contest is in honor of our new Figment Feature, Recovery Road by Blake Nelson. Which I think looks like a pretty awesome book, by the way, and I’m not just saying that. It’s raw and unapologetic.

As always, we look for creativity, originality, and, of course, writing style.

How to enter:

-Email your entry in the body of an email to
-Follow Recovery Contest on Figment

As always, no contest promotion anywhere on Figment. To ensure the blind voting isn’t compromised, please refrain from posting your entry on Figment until the winner is announced.

Entries are due by Saturday, March 19th at 9 PM EST. On Wednesday (3/23), we will have the finalists on the blog for a round of blind voting to determine the winner. The winner will receive a copy of Blake Nelson’s Recovery Road and Girl, a batch of owl notebooks (notebooks with owls on them, bursting with gender-neutral adorableness), some Figment swag, and will be featured in our blog and newsletter. Good luck, all!

55 thoughts on “Winners for the Recovery Contest announced!

  1. So if it’s supposed to be blind voting and it’s a piece we already have published, can we not use it? Or just delete it and then enter it?

  2. So… Correct me if I’m wrong, but as long as we send our stories to the email listed, you guys will publish them in the recovery contest profile, so we don’t have to publish them ourselves?

  3. So I’m a bit confused. To qualify for this contest, do you have to submit a story about recovery? Like, somebody loses something and then recovers it? Or is in the process of recovery? Can it be about somebody trying to recover something, but then not succeeding?

  4. I signed up with an email ending in @yahoo and recently changed it to one that ends in @ymail. On my account page, it shows the one that ends in @ymail but when I leave a reply here, it says my email is the one that ends in @yahoo. Which one should I use to send to my contest?

    Thank you SO much!

  5. If you sent your email, for the contest, how do you know it got it in? In other words, when are we voting for the stories?

  6. Just out of curiousity, are we allowed to enter more than once?? I have several things I’ve written on recovery and am thinking I want to enter more than just my original entry. Would it be okay for me to do that or would that disqualify me? Answers welcome! 🙂

    • Hey Megg-
      Unfortunately, we can only allow one entry per person per contest. So send us your best writing that isn’t already on Figment! Good luck 🙂

  7. So… Correct me if I’m wrong, but as long as we send our stories to the email listed, you guys will publish them in the recovery contest profile, so we don’t have to publish them ourselves?

    • Hey Hannah-
      Exactly. We will publish the finalists anonymously. After the winner has been decided, though, the Recovery Contest profile will get deleted, so make sure to post your story on Figment then!

  8. So, I have a story that leads to recovery, however, it is much longer than 1300 words. I know the word count is probably a strict rule, and I’ve taken an excerpt from the longer story to use in the contest. Yet I’m still having trouble cutting it down to fit the word count requirement. Could I perhaps use an ellipsis (…) to signify that there is a greater part of the story I left out? Or would that not be an acceptable entry?

    • @Tiffany You can do whatever you need to in order to make it fit the word count. If you do use ellipsis, just make sure the continuation relates to what came before it and that it makes sense to the reader.

  9. Do we put our name or anything in the body of the email? Or just the entry? If just the entry, then how do you know who actually wrote it?

    • You can include your name. Normally we match you to your account via your email address. But including your name would be helpful! Thanks~

  10. I just finished my entry, but it’s 200 words over the limit. I’m currently chopping off a ton of stuff to make room. Almost there!

  11. I sent in my entry but never received a conformation email. I didn’t realize we were supposed to get them. Should I send it again? (I know the deadline has passed, so that’s probably a no, right?)

  12. Agree with Steph. I even can take a picture of the email sitting in my “sent” box before the deadline But i never got a confimation email. and i also followed you. so. idk what happened.

    • The email is fine. And voting started Wednesday the 23rd. If you got o the contests page, you will see the posts that list the semi-finalists.

  13. When will the entries be posted? I really want to read them it was a pretty interesting topic with many ways to go from the prompt.

  14. Where are the entries? I’ve been waiting for too long to read them! I can’t /recover/ from my school days without them. haha ^.^

  15. Saw someone posted on Monday’s round of semifinalists, but I missed if there was a reply–how many more days of semifinalist voting, or was Monday the end?

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