Remembering Diana Wynne Jones

This week, all of us at Figment were saddened to hear that Diana Wynne Jones passed away. Before J. K. Rowling and Neil Gaiman were on the scene, Diana Wynne Jones prolifically turned out fantasy novels for adolescent and adult readers. The author of the Chrestomanci series as well as other novels ranging from Howl’s Moving Castle to Power of Three, Wynne Jones was tremendously influential for authors and readers alike.

Even now, during attempts to mentally compile lists of my all-time favorite YA authors – no easy task, I assure you – Diana Wynne Jones is always one of the first names to come to mind. As a young reader, I was deeply touched by any and all compelling works of fantasy that I came across, and hers were among the best: powerful, original, and salient examples of the genre. Reading her Chrestomanci series affected me so profoundly that I often drift back to particular passages in the books when my mind is idly wandering, even more than a decade after first reading them. Howl’s Moving Castle, of course, was another instant classic, and captivated me no less (and as good as the movie is, it still doesn’t compare to the original). My childhood desire to work with magic as if I, too, were a magician of Caprona, has diminished little into adulthood, and for that I can thank Diana Wynne Jones and fondly remember the passion that she inspired in me. She will be much missed.

8 thoughts on “Remembering Diana Wynne Jones

  1. Gosh, I’m in shock. To think that the woman who created Howl’s Moving Castle (one of the most touching books I’ve ever read and the one of the most adorable movies I’ve ever seen) is gone just makes me sorry and sad that someone who had one of the most brilliant ideas in the fields of fantasy fiction has to leave us. I will remember her every time I pick up Howl’s Moving Castle and Castle in the Air to reread.

  2. I was so sad when I heard she died. Howl’s Moving Castle, Howl, and Sophie are the standards by which I judge all other YA fantasy books and protagonists. Lovely post.

  3. Oh my god. She died? Now I’m depressed. She was one of my favorite authors and Howl’s Moving Castle is one of my favorite books. Rest In Peace, Ms. Jones.

  4. I’ve always loved her books. I suppose this should give me motivation to read all of her books. My local library only has half of them, though.

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